More Adventures In Montreal

So, bright and early the next morning I woke up, eager to put my one day in Montreal to the good use. I wasnt supposed to meet my friend, Phil, until noon, so I had quite a bit of time to kill meandering towards the place where I was to meet him. Not far from my Hostel was Parc la Fontaine, which no matter how hard I tried I seemed unable to pronounce to the satisfaction of the Montrealese. Montrealians? Montrealites? You know what I mean. Anyway. So I hiked the two blocks to this park and wandered around there for about an hour. Found some extremely friendly squirrels who ate out of my hands quite charmingly. Here is a picture of one that I think is desktop quality (click it for the full version if you want to download it):


I think his hands being made into fists is a coincidence; I dont think he wanted to take me on. Still, it was pretty cute. So I let him eat most of my energy bar Read the rest of this entry »

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