How Close Is That?

I took a trip this winter to Arizona and Mazatlan, and saw quite a bit of neat stuff but wasnt really in the mood for blogging so I didnt get anything written down. But there was one event in particular I just had to blog about. Crystal and I were in Mazatlan, in her truck which wed driven down there, and we were coming home to Texas across Mexico.

Well, Crystal wanted to get new tires since theyre cheaper in Mexico and so we needed to pull out money from the ATM, and she wanted to know how much wed need. I didnt want to leave Mexico with many pesos because you always take a hit when you exchange them back into dollars.

I didnt have much time to give the question thought, so I just said 7,000 pesos, which works out to being about 650$, which when you figure 400$ of that was going for tires, would leave us 250$ for the 3-4 day trip out of Mexico. I figured we could pull out more money if we had to, anyway.

So regardless she pulled that out, we got our tires and left Mazatlan and drove towards Durango. The road is brutal, seven hours of hard curves and uphill climbs – where the oncoming trucks have the delightful habit of being in YOUR lane when they go around curves. Curves that have no gaurdrails and 3,000 foot dropoffs.

Anyway, we stayed a bit short of Durango, ate breakfast in Durango the next morning and got online at the Cafe Interbus. Quite literally a white schoolbus in the middle of an otherwise very trendy city park with an internet cafe inside.

Cafe Interbus

Cafe Interbus

Words fail me. Anyway, we went from Durango, through Torreon, and up to Cuatro Cienegas to look at the beautiful pools. Well, we tried to guide ourselves and got lost in the desert a couple of times, and we were on a deadline, so we gave up and decided to try again later. Well, we eventually go to the Mexican side of Eagle Pass, Texas, three days after leaving Mazatlan, with about 40$ left.

I had wanted to buy papayas and pineapples and take some home, since they taste infinitely better in Mexico than they do in the US. So we drove around, found a wholesale fruit market, bought some papayas. The pineapples didnt look so good, so we kept driving. Found another market, went in, at this point I had about 20$ left, and they didnt have a scale so I had to guess at how many pineapples I was buying. Well, I got to the checkout and I had bought JUST the right amount of Pineapples – one more would have left me broke.

I got 25.40 pesos in change – about 2.20$. I was at this point glorying in how close wed come – 25 pesos out of 7,000 isnt bad for dead reckoning – and we headed towards the US. Getting into the lane to cross the bridge into the US, we discovered that the bridge was a TOLL bridge!

Can anyone guess how much the toll cost? Thats right, 25 pesos! We drove across the US border with 40 CENTAVOS – about 4 cents – in Mexican money in our pockets! How cool is THAT?

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