Home Again

Ive been back from Ecuador about three weeks now. My total stay there was 22 days. Did I like it? Well, lets just say Im selling my guidebook. It wasnt totally unpleasant, but if I ever go back itll be because Im passing through to the Galapagos or somewhere else. And I was very happy to get home. Back to real food again! I have quite a few more stories to convey here, but Im very lazy about blogging when Im home. Just too much else to do :)

Still, stay tuned, Ill get some posts up sooner or later; including some pictures and video of some of the things we saw – a video of my Mom getting bit by a giant iguana (she asked for it) – the Andean flute maker who played a few tunes for me which I captured on video – some pictures of the most neatly stacked fruits Ive ever seen in a market. Or anywhere, for that matter. Things like that. Eventually :)

Trips on the horizon now a weekend at Glen Rose national park in Texas, where Im going to go fossil hunting. Its the place that Dinosaur and Human footprints are side-by-side in the same strata. A packmule trip through the Colorado rockies near Marble, Colorado, in mid-July. And this fall Im definitely going somewhere. Maybe Spain. Maybe the Caribbean. Maybe both. Well see :)

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