Hanging By A Thread Of Mexican Rope

Pop music plays in the background as I scramble for a higher hold in the sheer granite cliff face a hundred feet above the rocks below. I take another hold, then another, sweat streaming down my face in the intense desert sunlight. Suddenly I realize Im overextended – I feel my hand slipping as the music builds to a crescendo. My only hope is an impossible jump to a nearby ledge so I cast my fate to the winds and leap from the cliff just as my hand slips from its hold.

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Why A Guidebook Is Worth It

You know, when I first went shopping for a guidebook in the bookstore, I was appalled at the prices; up to $50 for a single country. I, being a budget traveler and a cheapskate by nature, had determined never to buy one; however, before embarking on this most recent journey a friend insisted that I buy Lonely Planet: Mexico, promising it would be well worth it. Reluctantly I agreed, still unconvinced.

The first few days of the trip it didnt save us a dime – although that may have been because we werent in Mexico yet, so maybe the guidebook wasnt to blame for that Anyway, as we crossed into Mexico at Laredo, Texas, I was mildly annoyed that the map of the town was so inadequate – it barely covered the downtown area and seemed to pay little attention to the needs of someone using Nuevo Laredo as a point of entry. But (having already spent the money anyway, and determined to get some use out of it now) I began perusing its pages during the rather desolate 2.5 hour drive to Monterrey from Nuevo Laredo (And no, I wasnt the one driving), and then and there I became sold on the idea of a guidebook forever when I saw Read the rest of this entry »

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Dare To Drive In Mexico

Well, its taken me six months to get back to Mexico, but I finally did get back. This time planning to travel from my home in northeast Texas to Laredo, down to Mexico City and then go to the east coast and reenter the states through McAllen. Should be a fun trip. However, since Im writing this blog a few months after the fact, I know that it WAS in fact a fun trip, and also totally unlike the trip Id planned.

After talking to a few friends whod traveled to Mexico, plus the experience wed gathered driving a rental car in Mexico last fall, we decided to throw caution to the winds and drive our own car in Mexico (you only live once, eh?) Read the rest of this entry »

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Misadventures Around Puerto Vallarta

Mexico. Confused, lost, misunderstood, homesick. Lets just say, the first few days didnt go too well. But in all fairness, it wouldnt be so bad if we werent so unusual. You see, normal tourists rent a hotel BEFORE they get to Mexico. But we were too smart for that. In our defense, we did try; We arrived in Mexico after a 2.5 hour flight – and convincing the airport that we werent going to try to hijack the plane with my toothbrush – to the surprising news that our hotel wasnt what it had seemed on the Internet. (This came as quite a shock to us since we knew that if we read it on the Internet, it must be true.) The Internets infallibility notwithstanding, the best comparison for our 3 star hotel was trying to fit three beds into a refrigerator. Our conclusion was that in Mexico the star system, like the peso, is devalued by a factor of ten. Hence our 3 star hotel would be have 0.3 stars in the states.

But I admit, the first few days werent all bad. And the parts that were lousy, in all fairness, were mostly our fault. And if nothing else, this trip has taught us the value of some things that we have taken for granted back home. Like hot water. Washcloths. Elevators. Toilets that flush. Air conditioning. Taco Bell.

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