Me, A Bat Wannabe

Not surprisingly, the day after my climb I was rather sore. Muscles hurt that I didnt know existed! But I was in Mexico and determined to enjoy it if it killed me. So when my guide suggested Bouldering, what else could I say? Of COURSE I wanted to try something 3x harder than what I did yesterday! Of COURSE I wanted to hike a mile to a cave situated on the side of the mountain on aching muscles – behind a guide who seemed maddenly inexhaustible! Why not? After all, he only suggested it because he said I did so well on the climb the day before – how could I let him down? And besides, it only cost me $30! :)

And so I packed a backpack with brain food (mangoes!) and set out for day of bouldering. Bouldering is basically rock climbing, only upside down. You see, instead of climbing UP a mountain, you climb ACROSS a ceiling.


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