Andean Flute Player

So not too far from where we were staying was a local craftsman named Sergio who worked as a gardener/maintenance man by day, and built flutes and drums by night. The flute has always been my favorite instrument, and his looked very nice. Made of bamboo, designed just like my tinwhistle back home, and only $10! So I bought one. And had him show me how to play it. Im still working on getting the knack of it, as he said it is picked up poco y poco, or little by little.

For the longest time I couldnt get the slighest sound of out it. Just air blowing through it with no resonance. The chiff – or is it the fipple? Whatever you call the thing is that vibrates to make the sound, it is placed in such a way that you have to blow across it just right to make sound. After trying for days at the high altitude (6000 feet, more or less), I decided that it had to be the elevation that prevented me from playing it. After all, the air was thinner there so there was less of it to vibrate!

Unfortunately, traveling down to sea level rather decimated that theory. But here, for your enjoyment, is Sergio playing one of his flutes on (un)candid camera. I think youll agree that hes quite good

Unfortunately, it was pretty dark so the video part isnt that great. Enjoy!

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