Pictures From Chirripo

Here are some of the pictures I promised earlier; Im at a friends fast internet now, so I can upload them. These are from the trip up to Chirripo:

 image001.jpg image002.jpg image003-3.jpg image004.jpg image005.jpg 

image006.jpg image007.jpg image008.jpg image009.jpg image010.jpg

Those are of the ascent; bearing in mind that I took over 200 pictures on the way up, its a small sample. There were literally thousands of flowers, especially at the higher elevations. The next pictures are from the summit, at about 3820 meters, which is around 12,000 feet.

image011.jpg image012.jpg image014.jpg image015.jpg image016.jpg


Those are some of my favorite pictures from Chirripo. Here is the last one I took that night, forgive the quality but the horse was moving, it was dark, I was stumbling and so was the horse so were lucky we have any picture at all!


And a picture of the Volkswagon Thing by popular request :)


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