San Isidro to Golfito

So bright and early the next morning, still stiff and stumbling, I walked about a kilometer or two to pay back the people who sent us the horse. I had trouble finding it, so I asked someone and they said it was downhill, this way. I said ok, walked about a hundred yards and asked someone else. They said it was uphill, that way. This was confusing, but given the choice between uphill and downhill, I went downhill. The next two people said downhill, so I was encouraged by that. Then I got to the downhill and discovered that, while it was downhill on the road, it was UPHILL off the road. And I do mean, a steep uphill; probably 100 above the road. Not too much fun after the last two days Id had. But I did it, left the money at the desk (hopefully they got it!) and got back down to the road just in time to catch a bus back to my hotel. We got out of town about 7am and headed for San Isidro.

 Well, Crystal had been craving yogurt, and wed had some really good yogurt in Latin America before. Unfortunately, so far here everything wed seen had artificial this or that in it. So finally we found some ciruela (read: plum) yogurt. It had nothing in it but yogurt and ciruelas. So we poured ourselves a big glass and discovered something. Apparently, ciruela ALSO means prune. And prune yogurt doesnt taste as good as it sounds – which is saying something.

Fortunately, we also had a papaya to cover up the taste. Then we went to the beach town of Dominical to spend a quiet weekend recuperating. Of course, to get there we had to take the bus. The bus however was interesting. We got on the bus, and set down – and our legs were exhausted – and this old lady comes up and starts yammering on at us in spanish. I couldnt really follow it, but apparently she wanted our seats. So I showed her our tickets to show that we did in fact, have seats, and she pointed to another bus that had just pulled up, apparently going to the same place.

Well, we were hesitant to get off, so I got up and asked the driver. The driver said no, we were on the right bus. By now our seats were filled, and so were the ones on the other bus. So we were standing in the aisle, and I was looking at our tickets, and she had scrawled em pie, which apparently means standing, or literally on foot. So we had bought standing tickets. Which is better than walking, but I really didnt want to stand. Oh well, we finally got to sit down during the last 30 minutes of the 90 minute ride.

Found a hotel in dominical, with A/C, but then the A/C didnt work. Someone came and replaced the entire unit, and then the ceiling started leaking (and it wasnt raining!). Apparently the locos upstairs were taking a shower and getting water all over the floor, which was not water tight.

Crystal had a taco, which was weird to say the least, and not at all like a taco. We bought some fruit and called it a night. Next morning we walked around to the lagoon and got these pictures:

image0031.jpg image0021.jpg image0011.jpg


Found an iguana who walked on water. Seriously. The dude was creepy he ran so fast. Had planned to catch the bus at 4:30 but when 4:00 am came around I decided that was just silly. So we took the 10:30 instead. You know, Costa Rican coins are really hard to use. Theyre all the same!  


Same size, same color except (not shown) there are three different types of 5,10, and 20 colon coins (corresponding in value to penny, nickel, and dime). Pay phones will not accept 100 colon coins, only 10,20,50 and 500. And as you can see, the 500 colon (dollar value) coin, is not that much bigger than the penny. Its very confusing. Anyway, we stopped for awhile in the Uvita bus station to catch the bus to La Palma, and thats where the next story will pick up

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  1. Paul Maples Says:

    Beautiful pictures Nathanieland I am enjoying the storyline. Thanks for taking the time to send it to us.

  2. Paul Maples Says:

    Beautiful pictures Nathaniel and I am enjoying the storyline. Thanks for taking the time to send it to us.

  3. Dominical Costa Rica Says:

    Nice blog and absolutely love the photos from Chirripo. Fantastic. Might you be interested in adding my blog to your blogroll and vice versa? My blog is and its called Costa Rica Blog

  4. Natnee Says:

    I should be back home sometime in Febuary :)

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