Change Of Plans

When you´re traveling, you have to go with the flow. That´s part of the experience. So it shouldn´t come as a surprise that we´ve drastically changed our plan. Originally we had planned to fly out of San Jose back home on the 11th of Febuary. But before I tell you our new plan, let´s catch up so far. I´ve got details of what´s happened so far, and pictures, but I don´t have time to upload them now. So in general, after Uvita we went to Puerto Jiminez, got park reservations to hike Corcovado, went and visited my friend in Golfito, went back and hiked Corcovado, then caught a plane out of Corcovado for reasons that will be explained later.

But we´re way ahead of schedule and don´t really think there is much in Costa Rica that we just HAVE to see yet, and we´re anxious to get to a slightly cheaper country. So we had planned to go to Nicaragua anyway, and so we start for there tomorrow. But we got to thinking, that by the time we came all the way BACK from Nicaragua, we could be north into Honduras and from there, we could just come all the way home by bus, instead of flying home from San Jose Costa Rica.

This has the advantage of getting us to see every Central American country except Panama and only take another week or two away from home, and give us a taste of what each country has to offer. So that´s the plan. I may get a chance to post some more and get everyone caught up tomorrow, but now I have to go sleep so I can catch a bus at 5:30 in the morning!

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