Off To Ecuador

Well, Im off to Ecuador as the title suggests; after 4 years of talking about it, I am FINALLY going to get to South America. The tickets, (DFW to GYE, $570 on Hotwire) are purchased and Ill be there for 50 days. Leaving 04/09. Ironically, they say ticket prices hike on last-minute purchases; but I bought my tickets 3 weeks ago, I leave in 3 days, and the ticket prices are exactly the same as when I bought them. Freaky.

Anyway, Ill be landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the southern end of the country, and going to the Shangri-la of the west, Vilcabamba, where people are reputed to live a really long time. From there Ill go to Peru and see some lesser-known archaeological digs and some untouched jungles and maybe on to the salt flats of Bolivia. And with any kind of luck, Ill get to the Galapagos before I leave the country.

I intend to have all my worldly possessions in one (rather small) backpack to make traveling easy. Guidebook, ultra-lightweight windbreaker, pocket knife sharpener, swiss army knife, juggling balls, camera/camcorder, various toiletry items, and 3 changes of clothes. The rest Ill buy when I get there if I need it. Im planning to post videos of some of the things to Youtube which Ill link here as I go along.

Well, thats about it; I speak Spanish fairly well now, but I hope to be pretty much fluent when I return :) Next post: from Ecuador!

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