Machala Market

Now I am in the Ecuadorian city of Machala. The bus ride was without incident and on time. Well, I thought it was without incident. I later learned I lost my camera on the bus (left it under the seat), which is rather disheartening. I´m still trying to get it back, but I won´t know if I´m going to until later today. On the up side, I visited a market this morning – one of the biggest I´ve ever seen. Must have been 500 stands set up, selling all sorts of fruit, meat, vegetables, socks, radios, you name it. It´s sort of like Wal-mart only without the roof. And walls. And floor. And employee benefits.

 Anyway, I saw several new fruits I´d never seen before. I´ll post pictures here later when I get them off the (other) camera. Cherimoya, which I didn´t try (yet), Grenadilla (literally ¨little pomegranite¨) tasted like it´s name sake in many ways, but was obviously a distinctly different fruit. Quite good though. Imagine a thin but tough outer shell, with a bunch of fish eggs inside. About the size of a pear.

Three or four other fruits that I still don´t know the name of. Markets are the most fun you can have in a Hispanic town – everyone goes to them, and the food is fresh and great. Speaking of which, I´m going to go partake of some of it so I don´t have to carry it around in my backpack all day

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