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Spent a long 12 hour day in airports or in flight yesterday. During the first flight out of DFW, the airline overbooked the flight and there were two people with the same seat. They both showed up fairly early, so one of them moved to a spot across the aisle. Of course, the person who had that spot then showed up and so the new person found a new seat. By the time it was done, about 5 people had swapped seats – then the plane filled, and the last person showed up, and they were all in the wrong seat, and one person didnt have a seat. So they spent about 10 minutes in the middle of the aisle all trying to figure out who was sitting where. All I knew was, my ticket said 18C and that was where *I* was sitting!  They eventually did sort it out. But it was rather entertaining to watch.

Had a layover of almost 4 hours in Atlanta. Sat next to an Australian girl who was an engineer on her way to Costa Rica to volunteer for 6 months. Helping to design an orphanage. So we chatted for most of the second leg about Australia and travel in general. Finally we arrived in Costa Rica, started to land, then had to break off half-way down and circle around for a bit because the Continental plane in front of us designed to lollygag around too much.

Got landed, met our Hostel host Alonso, who introduced us to his volkswagon thing (youll have to see it to believe it) which rattled and chugged up to his hostel. We stopped on the way to the hostel to buy some fruit for dinner. The hostel was very nice, but the road noise was awfully loud. Finally got to sleep though. Met some German women this morning from Stuttgart and Bavaria and chatted for awhile. Now were off to catch the bus for Cerro Chirripo. Go us!

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  1. Luis David P.-V. Says:

    Did you chat in German with those women? I cannot wait to see some pictures of Costa Rica!
    P.S. I can just picture people in the plane switching seats back and forth while making oger-like noises. :)

  2. Paul Maples Says:

    Be careful Nathaniel and have fun.

    I would love to see a picture of the volkswagon thing.


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