Meet Natnee!

Hello there! Welcome to my Blog. Ill do my best to entertain and amuse you while youre here; that way maybe youll come back and waste MORE time here. So what is it about me that could possibly entertain you?

Well, I love to travel, eat, and I love adventure sports, despite only having tried a handful of them. And over the next few years I intend to well, the only way to say it is to explore strange, new lands to seek out new friends, and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Ok, THAT was corny. In any case though, you get what I mean. Ill be posting stories about my trips, how I saved money, recipes I gleaned from my trips abroad, and anything else I can think of writing up. Lets see, what else would you like to know about mehmm

Well, I am 26 years old, single and unattached, and I live in Northeastern Texas. Im self employed and I build houses for a living; here is one I built a few years ago

My hobbies include juggling and chess, learning other languages, science, cooking, and well, Im interested in practically everything else too. As I spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet as a youth (yeah, that was a long time ago), I have many friends scattered around the world Im looking forward to meeting. I have fulfilled my goal of traveling in Latin America, and now Im looking forward to exploring the rest of the world.

I am interested in most any place, except overly touristed places. India, and China, Morocco and Krgzstan to name a few. And of course, Mexico is practically right next door so I go there often.

Well, thats the basics; anything else about me youll learn as we go. Oh, I dislike pictures of myself so you wont see many on the site, but just for reference Im going to show one of me rock-climbing in Mexico here:

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